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How to build a training program without a coach [Endure Eq 041]

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How to build a triathlon training program without a coach

Building a great training plan does not require a coach.

It requires some planning, a basic understanding of exercise science and consistency.

Today you will understand the planning part.

Before planing your first race it’s important to just get started training.

Where most athletes go wrong is putting an ambitious race on the calendar before they even have a foundation of training to pull from.

This allows you to design your ideal week which will serve as your weekly rotation and outline.

With that in mind here are the steps to plan your own race (the exact checklist I use with Team EE athletes).

Steps to design your own race framework/plan:

  1. Put your key race on the calendar (aim for 16-20 weeks away minimum).
  2. Add any secondary races to the calendar.
  3. Outline any key milestones in your life between now and your race (phases where you might not be able to train as much)
  4. Identify the key sessions for your race (what are the race demands?)
    • Be able to cover the distance of your race in shorter increments
    • Aim to do this be consolidating race-specific volume into smaller training blocks
    • Week -> 3 days -> 2 days -> 1 day (long day) -> race day
  5. Work backward from those key sessions (add the sessions that build up to the key sessions)
  6. Add in the extremes to build your base for these
  7. Fill in the remaining days with easy and endurance training
  8. Adjust the volume in the last 1-2 weeks to taper into your event

Since all of this fits into your ideal week you should not be taking on more than your life schedule can handle.

You can follow this program right up to race day.

Some questions to think about to review your plan:

  1. How fast am I ramping up? Are you increasing the volume weekly too much
  2. Have I balanced recovery with training?
  3. Are there too many periods of life milestones that interrupt training?

Designing your own plan can be challenging but with some intentional thought you can design a great plan for yourself to follow.

Combine this plan with well set zones and you will be ready to go.

If you made it this far reply to this email with your biggest takeaway (I read every one).

Thank you for being here!

- Chandler

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