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How to stick to your training plan and get out the door [Endure Eq 040]

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Ps. I'm back after a little mental break. With life, writing and training it's ok and necessary to take breaks for continued growth.

How to stick to your training plan and get out the door

Another 30 day challenge is not what you need for your triathlon training.

You might feel like that will help your motivation but it will not help you overcome that feeling of slowly procrastinating before your session.

You need a system in place so you stop wasting time before you head out the door.

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”- James Clear

You will not always feel motivated to get out the door, so you need a system to get you there.

A system that helps you know

  • when you will workout
  • what your workout it
  • where your gear is
  • what route you will take

Simplifying these things can make the decision to train an easy one.

Your training times

One of the easiest ways to stick to your training is to fix your training times.

Open your digital calendar and figure out a time-block for each day that can be for training.

Make sure it doesn’t overlap with work, family or other regular meetings.

Prioritize training in that time-block.

The only thing that will change is the contents of your workout.

And than can change depending on:

  • Your workout plan (more soon)
  • Your overall recovery
  • Your goals

Make it predictable when you will train.

Don’t ask the question when will I train - ask what will I do for today's session.

Your workout plan

Once you have your time-blocks you need to know what to do with them.

If you have a coach then they can build workouts for your time-blocks.

If you’re self-coached here’s how I roll:

  • Build a rough season outline
  • Know your key workouts (the ones that are harder and specific for your race)
  • Add sessions that build to those key workouts
  • Fill in the remaining as easy and recovery work

The key to maintain your routines and time-blocks is to always be doing something.

Even deliberately deciding that your block is for active recovery.

Your training gear + fuel

A time-block and a workout will get you most of the way there.

But let’s make it even easier for you by making sure your gear and fuel are in one spot.

My system:

  • 1 large bin for gear
  • 1 bucket for fuel
  • 1 basket for clothes

General rules:

  • Put all gear (once clean) back in the bin
  • Throw all clothes in basket
  • Remove gear I don’t like

This simplifies the decision and thinking required to get out the door.

You now know today's session is a bike workout.

So you need your kit, socks, helmet, glasses, bottles, fuel, bike (With quick check) and you’re out the door.

This goes for every session you do.

Your training routes

This last one takes a little time to plan but it's worth it.

Plan out training routes for your bike and run sessions.

Set them up for your rough distance and times.

I like: 30 min loop / 60 min loop / 90 min loop / 2 hour loop

Since this is the bulk of my weekly training

Mix in some out-and-backs and you never have to think about where you’re heading.

The only routes to plan are your long sessions

And personally, I like to go somewhere different for them.

Or just repeat the shorter loops.


  • Building yourself a training system is the key to getting out the door quicker
  • Remove the friction by setting your training times, planning your sessions, organizing your fear, and mapping some routes.
  • It can be a lot of work now but will pay off the longer you train.

Thank you for being here!

- Chandler

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