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Your best triathlon training is borderline boring [Endure Eq 038]

Published 10 months ago • 2 min read

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Let’s jump in.

Your best endurance training is border-line boring.

It’s not a sexy HIIT class. It’s hours moving forward.

But that’s what makes it both successful and sustainable.

Here are 5 basic principles of a boring and sustainable training program (that will make you a better athlete):

  • Build your engine
  • Use dynamic recovery
  • Roll consistent weeks
  • Supplement your SBR
  • Maintain a long-term vision

Nailing each of these foundational principles will make you an exceptional triathlete.

It won’t be an easy path but it will be worth it.

Build your engine

Building the endurance engine is your first goal with endurance training.

And you need all the ‘zones’ in order to do this.

Simplified even more: spend a lot of time training easy, some time moderate-hard, and a little bit full-out.

When you first start don’t worry about your HR/Pace/Power. Just focus on building some time on your feet.

You can optimize later.

Use Dynamic Recovery

Once you have built the habit of training you want to support it with dynamic recovery.

This means you,

Pay attention to how you are feeling day-day and week-week. You note the times you dig a little too deep and add in extra recovery. Slot in the key habits you need to support your training.

These are often:

  • Rest
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Soft-tissue work
  • Stress management

Each of these will balance your recovery.

Roll consistent weeks

Matching your recovery and your training will help you roll consistent weeks.

Endurance training is all about rolling your training consistently. Design your ideal week and roll that. Integrate that schedule into your life-work-family commitments and find ways to keep it rolling.

That will trigger a compound effect.

Supplemental your SBR training

Once you have your consistent week you can look to add supplemental training.

  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Cross-training

These can be used as tools to keep you in the game longer.

But are extras compared to your SBR training.

Maintain a long-term vision

A common thread with all of these principles is that they require a long-term vision.

It’s not something you will see progress with next week

You will likely see progress in a year or two.

Set your sights that far in the future.


This is my training philosophy for sustainable triathlon training:

  • Build the engine
  • Use dynamic recovery
  • Roll consistent weeks
  • Supplement your SBR
  • Maintain a long-term vision

Nailing these 5 basic principles will make you an exceptional triathlete.

If you stick with it.

Thank you for being here Reader


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